Denise is a professional editor, mentor, and expert in all fields of writing. I have referred to her friends, colleagues, graduate and undergraduate students, writers, and scholars who are continuously writing and need professional help to publish their writing. I have found that in this time of a destabilized state of university education and mentorship, she has helped many students to come out of the frustration and anxiety of writing. She will help you to feel good about your writing and develop confidence in your writing style, whatever genre of writing you like to write. If you are a writer and feel something is stopping you from publishing, I recommend you contact her. I am sure your life will never be the same.

Abdul Haque Chang, PhD, adjunct instructor, Houston-Tillotson University


Denise provided a critical sanity edit that cleaned up prose and checked for plot consistencies just before I began querying my novel. The results speak for themselves—I wound up getting four offers, and I know that Denise’s hard work and sharp eye played a huge role in this. I’ll always use her moving forward on any future projects.

– Mike Chen, author of sci-fi thriller HERE AND NOW AND THEN (coming soon)


I am pleased to recommend the editing services of Denise Logsdon. She has copyedited four books for me, and I can tell you first-hand that she has the rare ability to edit on both a large and small scale. She can give you valuable input on consistency, tone, and the overall efficacy of your argument and catch each and every grammatical hiccup along the way. Simply put: if she edits it, she improves it.

– Kristen Lippert-Martin, author of YA thrillers TABULA RASA (EgmontUSA) and INCOGNITA (Carolrhoda Lab)


Denise Logsdon has provided me with editing services for a variety of projects, ranging from a volunteer grant editor to a paid editor for the non-profit start up that I am launching. I heartily recommend Denise. My high opinion of Denise is based on several factors. First, her editing is absolutely top-notch. Once Denise has combed through a document, my writing has a clarity and strength that it previously lacked. I also know that my edited document is now error-free, including spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors. When I needed my concept paper and business plan narrative reviewed, I hired Denise at a market rate for the final edit even though I knew others who were also available. For me, Denise was it – there was just no other person at her level.

The second reason I recommend Denise is that her turn around on editing tasks is remarkably fast. When Denise edits a document, it is done thoroughly and returned the next day. My concept paper and business plan narrative totaled about 15 single space pages in length and, I knew, needed substantial editing. I sent her the documents in the evening by e-mail. When I got up the next morning, the edited document was already in my inbox. Denise has always been remarkably fast even with the volunteer grant editing assignments.

Denise is a consummate professional – direct, accurate, thorough, and fast. My next step is to develop a prototype for my web portal. I will certainly hire Denise to edit the text for this.

– Ben Steinberg, Founder, iPivoted


Denise is overtly sensitive in keeping the writer’s voice on paper, understands the author’s authority, unselfishly works with the author over changes, seemingly performing her tasks for the pure enjoyment of being creative. She’s very tolerant with clients, a true gift. Collaborations can be like a marriage, you must work hard at keeping the relationship light and fun. She does. She is very forthright with her opinions, often pulling no punches, but always cognizant of feelings and sensitivities of the artist. She always performs in what “is best” for the work, which is clearly paramount to her. She produces in a timely manner, very efficient. I would whole-heartedly use her again, and recommend her to other writers.

– Glenn Palmedo-Smith, author of noir detective thriller CASTRO CITY; filmmaker, DINI FILMS INTERNATIONAL